With the scarcity of cash, Denmark has put the robbers out of work

With no cash available, the robberies disappeared. Denmark has, for the first time in its modern history, had a year without a bank robbery. In 2000, relatively peaceful Denmark still recorded 221 armed robberies against banking institutions, or about two every three days.

But with the gradual disappearance of cash in most bank branches, there have been fewer than ten robberies per year since 2017. And in 2022, no hold-ups have been observed, unheard of according to a bank historian.

“It’s just fantastic, because it’s an absolutely enormous burden on the employees concerned, when it happens,” said Steen Lund Olsen, vice-president of the main Danish banking organization, Finansforbundet.

Scandinavia, scene of one of the most famous robberies

In a Scandinavian society increasingly close to cashless, the main Danish bank, Danske Bank, has only two branches left with banknotes, one in Copenhagen and the other in Aarhus, the second largest city. of the country, according to Finansforbundet.

In its history, Scandinavia was the scene of one of the most famous bank robberies. On a square in the center of Stockholm (Sweden) in August 1973, a robber had taken four bank employees hostage for several days after having failed to steal the agency’s loot.

But after their release, none of them wanted to testify against the thief, Jan-Erik Olsson, in a surge of sympathy that psychiatrists then baptized “the Stockholm syndrome”.

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