With the Pixel 8, you could respond to message notifications without using your hands

When you receive a new message notification on your Android phone, you can reply directly from the notification. However, to do this you need to use your hands, which can be uncomfortable at times.

However, according to Android expert Mishaal Rahman, There may be a feature on the Google Pixel 8 that allows you to reply to messages hands-free.

Apparently the Android source code showed that Google plans to offer an Rvoice-activated response to notifications This allows you to dictate what you want to say using the Google Assistant. It seems to work similarly to Android Auto, but without the assistant asking you if you want to reply first.

The steps would be the following:

  1. A message notification arrives on your phone
  2. They say “Hey Google, reply” or simply “Reply” under certain conditions.
  3. Assistant prompts you to dictate your message, then sends it

Today there is no way to do this. The closest thing would be to receive a message, read it, then say “Hey Google, send a message to (contact name)” and compose the message from there. This new method would be much smoother.

Rahman admits he’s not sure if this will be a feature of the Google Pixel 8 when the phone launches. Instead, it could come later in a future update. It’s also possible that other Pixels could do the same at the same time or later, as the process doesn’t appear to require any specific Pixel 8 hardware.

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