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With the excuse of repudiating Nazism, Jair Bolsonaro wants to persecute communism in Brazil

With the excuse of repudiating Nazism, Jair Bolsonaro wants to persecute communism in Brazil

Jair Bolsonaro took the opportunity to criminalize communism by joining a controversy over the eventual legalization of a Nazi party in Brazil. The far-right president joined the rejections of an online TV program.

Kim Kataguiri-former ally of Bolsonaro who today supports Sergio Moro in the face of the presidential elections- stated in a program on the Flow platform thatIn defense of freedom of expression, it would be fair if Nazism were legalized in the country even when it is a threat to the Jewish community. His words revived the condemnation of the ideology that turned Germany into a totalitarian dictatorship and led to World War II.

It is that the statement caused the television program to be lifted. Meanwhile, Kataguiri and the host of the program are being investigated for apology of Nazism by the Attorney General’s Office.

How could it be otherwise, the Brazilian president joined the debate, two days after the controversy began, to equate Nazism with communism and express their support for the bill that seeks to outlaw communism in the country. This rule is promoted by his own son, Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro. “It is our wish that other organizations that promote ideologies that espouse anti-Semitism, the division of people into races or classes and that also decimated millions of innocent people around the world, such as communismbe reached and combated by our laws,” the president assured on his social networks.

Bolsonaro remarked that Nazism “It must be repudiated in an unrestricted way, permanently and without objections that allow its re-flourishing, as well as any other totalitarian ideology that puts at risk fundamental rights such as the right to life and liberty”.

The Nazi sympathies of some leaders close to Bolsonaro

Precisely, Bolsonaro had officials in his government such as Mario Alvim, Secretary of Culture, who had to resign after making a video inspired by the Nazi Propaganda Minister, Joeph Goebbels. Or the foreign affairs adviser Filipe Martins, accused of make a gesture for American white supremacists during a Senate hearing.

Bolsonaro’s remarks did not go unnoticed. The ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvafavorite for the elections of October 2, linked the scandal of the vindication of Nazism to the denial of the policy that has been part of the Bolsonarist discourse.

“In all of human history, when politics is denied, what comes after is always worse. They spread distrust in all the leaders and elected someone who had been a deputy for 28 years and sold himself as not being a politician. We are seeing the result”, affirmed the leader of the Workers’ Party. According to a survey released this Wednesday, Lula has 45 percent voting intention and Bolsonaro reaches 23 percent.

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