With the capture of Pobeda, Russia gains a foothold in Donetsk

Russia claims another success in the Donetsk region, where its forces captured the village Pobeda, southwest of Mariinka, according to the Defense Ministry. Like Mariinka, once a small town of 10,000 residents, Pobeda was completely destroyed and its 100 residents were evacuated long ago. Ukraine has not officially commented, although its military reports that there have been numerous hostilities in the Mariinka area over the past 24 hours, with Russia actively using aviation. The independent Ukrainian analysis source DeepState confirms Russian control over the village.

The capture of Pobeda means that Russia was able to advance one to two kilometers further southwest of Mariinka after taking Pobeda about two months ago. While not a major achievement in itself, it shows the pressure that Russian forces have exerted in recent months, as Ukrainian forces are still awaiting new shipments of ammunition from the US and other allies.

Analysts emphasize that the capture of Pobeda will allow Russian forces to approach Vugledar, a key railway junction in the south of the Donetsk region. Russia tried to take it last year when it launched simultaneous offensives against the cities of Mariinka, Bakhmut and Avdiivka. Although little remains of the city, Russia suffered one of the greatest defeats of its tank columns there, losing at least 130 tanks and other vehicles armored in just three weeks. However, its superior armament allowed it to maintain high pressure.

Currently, it is the Avdiivka and Mariinsky areas where “most enemy air, artillery and kamikaze drone attacks take place,” Ukrainian army spokesman Dmytro Lyjovi reported yesterday. The situation was “dynamic” and Ukrainian fighters managed to recapture several positions and capture more than a dozen Russian soldiers near Avdiivka on Wednesday and Thursday.

War in Ukraine: Pobeda
War in Ukraine: PobedaT. GallardoThe reason

The Russians have continued their attacks on Chasiv Yar and Kupiansk further north, although Ukraine claims their attacks there have been repelled. Russia has continued to carry out attacks on residential areas along the front line. Their attack on Kostiantynopilske in the Donetsk region killed one resident and injured four teenagers, ages 12, 14, 15 and 16.

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Although hundreds of thousands of residents have left the country, many prefer to remain in their homes. Given the very difficult economic situation and the unemployment of around 30% of Ukrainians, some fear the unknown and are hesitant to leave their homeland.

Meanwhile, between 55 and 65 Russian soldiers were killed in an attack by two Ukrainian missiles on a training camp in the occupied village of Trudivske, according to several Russian sources. A video filmed by a Ukrainian drone shows two massive explosions in the group of Russian soldiers who were supposedly waiting for the arrival of a general. However, Ukraine’s ability to carry out such attacks and deter Russia’s advances is limited by a missile deficit.

According to Politico, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell called on the foreign and defense ministers to do everything possible to supply Ukraine with artillery shells, as immediate measures are needed to address the situation in Ukraine and changing the security of Europe. “I believe that together we can change the situation for Ukraine and for the security of Europe, but this requires immediate action,” he stressed in a letter. He called on EU members to support Ukraine in every way possible, especially by acquiring additional shells in their warehouses, increasing production or financing Ukraine’s defense industry.

In conversation with Volodymir ZelenskyCouncil President Charles Michel reiterated the EU’s full financial and military support for Ukraine “for as long as necessary”.

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