Home Entertainment With “Rajkumar”: Himel, the history of Bengali cinema is being rewritten

With “Rajkumar”: Himel, the history of Bengali cinema is being rewritten

With “Rajkumar”: Himel, the history of Bengali cinema is being rewritten

After the success of ‘Priyatma’, director Himel Ashraf started shooting for ‘Rajkumar’. He has now completed filming a part in Bangladesh and a part in the USA. The final stages of the film are currently underway. The producer said that the Bangladeshi team worked there with American skilled workers.

He claims that the film ‘Rajkumar’ will write a new history of Bengali cinema.

In a post on social media Facebook, Himel Ashraf wrote, “After completing filming in Dhaka, Pabna, Kushtia, Manikganj, Tangail, Gazipur, Bandarban, India and America, Rajkumar is now on the table besides filming Katakati.” Rajkumar was shot in such a location and setup which was a dream for Bengali cinema just a few days ago. Filming only took place in New York for 18 days in a row.

Many American skilled workers worked there every day, together with the Bangladeshi team.

This director also wrote: “You will see the filming locations of films like Home Alone, John Wick 2 and Spider Man at Rajkumar Cinema with the camera of renowned Bangladeshi cinematographer Sheikh Rajibul Islam.” We famous choreographers like Adil Shaikh from Mumbai were brought to New York for a beautiful rendition of a song and famous choreographers like Ashok Raja from Tamil were brought to Dhaka. We moved to Chennai for the action, then Courtney Coffey, villains and fighters from America were brought to India.

Mentioning that Rajkummar’s song will surpass Priyatma, Himel wrote, “Imon Chowdhury of this period has a song with Prince Mahmud, Akash, Arjin and Sajid.” And Priyatma Song team also has a love song Priyatma Song with this time security will exceed. Emon Chowdhury’s song will drive normal youth crazy. And Prince Mahmud’s song will float, sink, ponder.’

This author wrote: “There are some surprises including songs, locations, actors and actresses that will surprise everyone when they come to the cinema hall.”

“Someone is playing here who will surprise the audience.”

Finally, thanking Shakib Khan and Arshad Adnan, Himel Ashraf wrote: “Shakib Khan has given his best in this film.” Arshad Adnan gave Rajkumar the highest budget. “Thanks to Arshad Adnan, Shakib Khan and the entire Rajkumar team, with whose will, dedication and hard work we are able to make such a film that can take our film a step forward in the world cinema market.”

The director mentioned that the film ‘Rajkumar’ will surpass ‘Priyatma’ and wrote, “When I announced the film Priyatma, I wrote that Priyatma will change history.” Priyatama has rewritten much of the history of Bengali cinema. Let’s say that today the prince will surpass his mistress, and even surpassing will go far. With Rajkumar, the new history of Bengali cinema is being written again.

Incidentally, American actress Courtney Coffey is in the film “Rajkumar” alongside Shakib Khan. If all goes well, the film will hit theaters on Eid this year.

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