Last September, Thomas B., 25, was indicted for “organized fraud, snowball sales, and money laundering”. He is suspected of having defrauded 632 people via the PronoClub sports betting site. Amount of loss: 1.8 million euros. On Wednesday January 12, the Versailles investigative chamber decided to release him against a deposit of 100,000 euros, reports The Parisian.

“My objective is to reimburse the victims. I want to help justice find the Belgian swindler, Michaël N. To achieve this, I gave access to my computer which contains all his bank details to follow his trail”, a- he launched before the court of appeal. The case dates back to spring 2021, after several complaints against the sports betting platform, which claims to be “100% reliable” with “0% scam”. At the heart of the problem: the service called “copy-betting”, which offers Internet users to let the platform invest their money. An illegal practice.

PronoClub promises 10% profitability on a deposit with a minimum duration of three years. “But it is in fact a Ponzi scheme, a well-known scam, in which the interests of the former are paid by the latest arrivals”, insists a magistrate, quoted by Le Parisien.

Faced with this more than tempting offer, many users have deposited large sums of money, up to 20,000 euros. But since last June, the service has been closed and more than 4,700 subscribers find themselves unable to obtain a refund, the general conditions of sale having been modified. Officials from the races and games service and the departmental population protection directorate (DDPP) then opened an investigation for deceptive commercial practices. And on September 15, Thomas B. was arrested in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine). The police seize his property. In front of the investigators, the young man will deny the facts, affirming only to put in relation punters and prognosticators.

On December 8, in front of the examining magistrate, all eyes were on Michaël N., 35, from Liège (Belgium), well known to the courts in his country and already convicted of fraud, with whom Thomas B . would have formed a partnership. And the Belgian would have left with the fund. Today, the young man’s lawyer insists that “Thomas B. is not the Madoff of sports betting” and emphasizes that his client “could have pocketed six million euros and left the country, but he chose to stay and repay the interest of its customers “.


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