With great success, the United States removed negative references to Pakistan from the amendment bill

Washington: The United States has removed all negative references to Pakistan from the amendment bill.

According to details, the US House of Representatives has removed all negative references to Pakistan from the bill, which in August this year tried to blame Pakistan for the Taliban’s occupation of Kabul.

According to the original text of the US National Defense Act of 2022, the US Secretary of Defense and the States were required to confirm before the relevant congressional committee that providing “secret support” to Pakistan was in the interests of US national security.

In the revised version, the word “Pakistan” has been removed and replaced with the words “any country near Afghanistan”.

Another reference in the original text was to an attempt to determine Pakistan’s role in the Taliban’s surprise victory in Kabul. But now even in the revised text there is no mention of this reference.

However, the Act maintains a condition for investigating the cause and effect of the US withdrawal, and recommends setting up a commission to look into the role of Afghanistan’s near and far neighbors. Has been authorized.

Another sign of continued US interest in maintaining a working relationship with Pakistan came earlier this week when the Biden administration invited Islamabad to its first democracy summit in Washington on December 9 and 10. ۔


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