With great enthusiasm they receive the first domestic flight route Santo Domingo – Pedernales

This community located on the southern border of the Dominican Republic rejoiced this Tuesday, with the arrival of thefirst flight of the Air Century airline, which departed from Santo Domingo and will take place two days a week.

On this inaugural flight, the passengers are journalists and other personalities.

The first plane, with the token HI956, arrived with 19 passengers to the Cabo Rojo aerodrome, including Víctor Pichardo, Airport Director; Sigmund Freund, executive director of the Public-Private Partnership; Carlos Jiménez, Administrative Director of the airline and Danilo Rosario, General Manager of Rep-Air.

Journalists include Roberto Cavada, Carlos Julio Feliz, Tony Pérez, Julia Muñiz and Salvador Batistas.

The flight was received with great enthusiasm and proclaimed with the thank God with the invocation of Pastor Fello de la Cruz from the Church of the Prophecy of Pedernales, in the company of the provincial authorities, made up of the governor, Altagracia Brea de González, the mayor Andrés Emilito Jiménez Sánchez, the vice-consul in Ansa-á-Pitre-Haití, Heráclito Duquedes Peña Adames; Efraín Hernández, director of the Dr. Elio Fiallo Hospital and Augusto Velázquez, president of the PRM municipal committee, among other authorities.

The flights will be twice a week, Monday and Friday, leaving at 9:00 in the morning with a 35-minute arrival on Monday, leaving the Higüero airport and on Fridays coordinated with the airline so that the flights leave later. that everyone who comes can spend a weekend and return on Monday.

Visitors and authorities toured the municipality of flints to the roundabout of the beaches, where the mayor Andrés Emilito Jiménez Sánchez announced the construction of a pedestrian bridge on the sea front, instead of a pier to watch over and take care of the fauna and flora in the Pedernales beach area.

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Cabo Rojo rejoiced this Tuesday, with the arrival of the first domestic flight of the Santo Domingo – Pedernales route, which will take place two days a week.https://t.co/yLEqTk4TTi#ListínDiario pic.twitter.com/iHTj5lwgaL

— LISTINDIARIO (@ListinDiario) November 1, 2022

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