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With Erika’s husband

Her name is Erika Chopenera and since June 14, 2018 she is a red-and-white muse. It was for eleven words. Eleven words in Griezmann’s documentary ‘La Decision’. “Here you can enter history, there you will always be one more,” she said, her wife, the mother of her children. And, suddenly, when Cunha seemed the last signing, the Atlético market gave that curve and the ‘8’ that will jump today in Cornellà will no longer be Saúl, but Erika’s husband. Because that’s what its name is. The one with the (re) new rojiblanco. It doesn’t matter what the shirt says. Anything different, surname, name, does not yet exist for the Atleti stands, which are already preparing a song. With that title. Erika’s husband. Very deserved (follow the game live on AS.com).

Because the plates that count are the ones in the heart. And Erika keeps hers, spotless, on her red-and-white chest. Her husband has a more difficult mission than Messi to like him: to win her back, whatever the badge says on the Paseo de Leyendas. Nobody slammed the door more ugly to Atleti than Erika’s husband. The fifth scorer in history, Cholo’s masterpiece, was hurting himself. He was an idol, he was a traitor. Returns. Of all the things to do, earning forgiveness from the stands is the first. And the most difficult. Everything on your part already puts. He even cut his hair.

He returns to a difficult square, Cornellà, where Simeone’s shoes are filled with stones. Won’t win there since 2017. And this will be the start of his particular Everest: seven games in 21 days. And, it seems that, despite João making his debut on a list this year, it will be Erika’s husband who initially forms a partner with Suárez. He has already passed the two pertinent milestones, that of the Profe and that of the Cholo, and that is like riding a bike, which is not forgotten. The rest, three behind (with Felipe) and Koke with Llorente and Lemar. International commitments also compromise. Four rojiblancos arrive without rest. Cunha, Giménez, Correa (the dethroned prince?) And RdP.

Vicente Moreno’s doubts

RdT is kept by Espanyol and it is their insurance against the goal (top scorer in Second, 23 did). Although it has not yet been released. Neither he nor Espanyol: 0-0, 0-0 and 1-0 in Mallorca before the break. Today Vicente Moreno is surrounded by doubts: Sergi Gómez, David López and Calero are sanctioned have discomfort. Puado, with pubalgia, can rest and Loren is a starter for the first time. Today, before this Atleti to which Griezmann has returned, in this match even Erika’s husband, the husband of ‘La Jefa’.

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