With Brexit, you will have to leave your ham and cheese sandwich at the border when you arrive in the European Union

This is one of the many consequences of Brexit. It will no longer be possible to bite into a ham and cheese sandwich when entering the European Union from the United Kingdom when this country has definitely left the European fold on January 1, the British government warned.

“From 1 January 2021, it will not be possible to bring animal products containing meat or dairy products into the EU (for example, a ham and cheese sandwich)”, so detailed the executive on his website this week. This ban on the import of certain products of animal origin into the European Union is likely to affect mainly drivers of heavy goods vehicles traveling frequently between the two areas. Its goal is to prevent the introduction of infectious diseases in animals because these products can transmit pathogens.

The ham and cheese sandwich will no longer be able to cross the border of the European Union from the United Kingdom, from January 1, 2021. (FOODCOLLECTION GESMBH / AFP)

Risk of fine or criminal prosecution

In addition to meat and milk, all meat or milk products are concerned, such as pates, sausages, butter or yogurt. However, exceptions are made for powdered milk and baby foods, honey, snails and special pet foods required for medical reasons, in limited quantities (up to two pounds per person).

Fishery products are allowed up to 20 kilos per person, while pastries, cookies and sweets are exempt. “All products of animal origin that do not comply with these rules must be delivered on arrival to the EU for official disposal”, under penalty of a fine or criminal prosecution, in accordance with European regulations.

After leaving the European Union last January, the United Kingdom will leave the customs union and the European single market on the night of December 31, after a period of transition. London and Brussels are engaged in final and difficult negotiations to try to reach an agreement on their post-Brexit relationship before that fateful date, but they stumble in particular on fishing.

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