Home Tech With Apple Music, you can easily transfer Spotify playlists

With Apple Music, you can easily transfer Spotify playlists

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Music streaming platforms are constantly competing to provide users with more engaging experiences.

Now it seems so Apple Music is exploring new ways to improve user migration from other music services. and everything points to them testing integration with SongShift.

SongShift, a third-party service that has been available for years, is the tool of choice for anyone looking to easily transfer their libraries and playlists between different music streaming services. For example, with SongShift you can easily move your playlists from Apple Music to Spotify or vice versa.

Now it seems that Apple is going one step further and tests native integration with SongShift. In the latest beta of Apple Music for Android, there’s a feature that asks users if they want “Add saved music and playlists you create on other music services to your Apple Music library.”

Additionally, a new option has been added to do this directly from Apple Music Settings on Android.

It is obvious that this integration is supported by SongShift. Apple appears to be integrating SongShift directly into the Apple Music app for Android to make it easier for users to switch from services like Spotify to Apple Music.

Currently, the Apple Music integration with SongShift is only visible to some users using the Apple Music for Android beta. Although it is still in early testing stages and not yet fully functional, it is clear that Apple is working with SongShift to make this integration a reality.

It is still unclear whether Apple plans to transfer this integration to the iPhone version of Apple Music. In general, however, Apple maintains feature parity between Apple Music for Android and Apple Music for iPhone.

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