India, similar to a knife in the armpit and a Ram on the face, did not stop with its traditional tactics, but the American University exposed India.

According to ARY News, in the foreground, Indian Prime Minister Modi continued to express his grief over the floods in Pakistan, while in the background, on the contrary, Indian activists continued to attack on Twitter.

This act of Indian operatives was caught by Twitter on August 24 and thousands of Indian accounts were closed. Twitter users sitting in Delhi on Twitter continued to show themselves as Kashmiris and attacked Pakistan and China in the form of protests. False claims of peace were also made.


The tweets based on this false propaganda were first investigated by an Australian university, after which the American University, Stanford, has also made it clear that the truth is not hidden. There are demands.

It should be noted that India has been defeated in the cyber war before and last year the European Union also caught India red-handed.