“With a certain sense”: a program with culture as raw material, by Estación 97.7 FM

The cast that makes up the radio program “Con Certain Sense” is a group interested in helping the media to assume their role of educating.

With the artistic entrepreneur and event producer Néstor Caro at the helm, this project, which will be launched next Monday through Estación 97.7, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., will arrive with the firm intention of that a positive change takes place in the audience.

“We are going to have that flag, to seek solutions that support Dominican cultural development,” explains Caro. With him there are three professionals who are on the same page: communicators Ivonne Beras and Carlos Almánzar, and producer Johanna Santana.

Interviews by journalists from LISTÍN DIARIO said that they feel that today in the media, both traditional and digital, there is more than freedom, there is a debauchery that allows vulgarity.

A detail that has allowed education and respect for others to be lost in a part of Dominican society.

That is why in “With a certain sense”, they will defend the social commitment that the media have, serving, not only to entertain and inform, but also to provide a good dose of education.

“I have realized that there is a lot of lack of education in terms of the media, there is a lack of people who guide in a fun and pleasant way,” adds Beras, who remembers that his uncle, Freddy Beras Goico, always put his face in his work to the public elements that formed intellectually, but with an entertaining and humorous envelope.

Another aspect that has to do with the formation of citizens, and that this group shares, is that they understand that respect for others has been losing ground in personal relationships.

Through this program they will look for a way to transmit those values, without having to suggest that censorship be applied. “The general rules of coexistence should not exceed the limit”, considers Caro, who defends good taste in music.

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In that sense, he recalled that the initiative for this program came to him a long time ago, from when his father, the journalist and writer Pedro Caro, produced the program “Panorama de América”.

“He provided good music, high-level information, hence he had this debt,” explains the artistic entrepreneur, when talking about that space that his father led.

That is why he intends to place in this new project World Music, jazz, songwriting, and that from time to time, they will have a special program with the sounds of a certain country or region of the world.

This in a magazine of varieties divided into different parts, in which, apart from the four drivers, professionals from different areas will take part. “Good music, segments, the art of sharing the good life, which fills your spirit,” Caro intervenes, to explain that the content seeks to be positive for listeners who seek the pleasant side of life.

That is why in sections such as “Market Target”, for example, he will immerse himself in the world of marketing but will talk about experiences, not so much about the conceptual. Or in “Total well-being”, talk about health, but from the point of view of prevention, and that in the news aspect do not get carried away by the anguishing side of the information.

Within what will happen in the program night after night, they will have a special guest, who can be a cultural manager, a politician or a successful businessman with whom they will talk about human aspects, not professionals, not what he does, but who he is. .


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