Wish, Super Mario, Miyazaki… Which animated film will win at the awards this year?

The year 2023 was a good year for animated films with some very big successes. The various awards ceremonies begin with the unveiling of their official selections. And if the Oscars pre-selection for the best visual effects has already begun to cause debate, perhaps by selecting the unloved ones Ant-Man and the Wasp: QuantumaniaTHE Golden Globes and that Critics’ Choice Awards have already started announcing their contenders for the coronations, and there are plenty of nominations on the agenda for Barbie, Oppenheimer and the last one Scorsese “Flower Moon Killer”. On the animation side we had a good vintage: The Sequel to Spider-Man in the animation titled Across the Spider-VerseMovies Enlightenment Super Mario Bros. or migration inkJapanese films The Boy and the Heronfinal brilliant achievement of the incredible Hayao Miyazaki or Suzumejust as talented Makoto Shinkai. Behind all these outsiders is the ogre Disney tried to put on a good face Primary school And Wishwhich may not have particularly impressed the public.

We wonder which films will have the best chance of winning at the various awards shows.

The Boy and the Heron © Ghibli
The Boy and the Heron © Ghibli

The Boy and the Heron by Hayao Miyazaki is a huge favorite. Product for 15 million dollarsthe film has a solid success Worldwide sales of $106 million. THE (without doubt) last filmHayao Miyazaki records the explosive score of 99% positive reviews on review aggregator Rotten tomatoes. The feature film is a true masterpiece of Japanese ogre cinema and is characterized by its willingness to take risks, its homage to the career of one of the greatest animated filmmakers of all time and its visual poetry. The case of Disneywhich has achieved the most wins so far, which has been very beneficial to the film. The Boy and the Heron is currently nominated for Critics’ Choice and the Golden Globes (While you wait for the Oscars?).

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse © Sony
Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse © Sony

in ambush, Suzume from Makoto Shinkai And Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse are potential winners. Critics emphasize a success comparable to that of the first one cited Your name while the second holds equally positive opinions as Spider-Man: New Generation, published a few years earlier. Two great wines from which the final prices can also be determined. Spider-Man is nominated in the same two categories as the film Miyazaki while Suzume is only present in Golden Globes.

Super Mario Bros. the moviedespite his $1.3 billion in sales may not be able to keep up with the competition at the box office. Considered by many to be a great TV spot for Nintendo Without upsetting critics with its cinematic quality, it should rightly be overlooked. However, he still has his chances in the mysterious category, which is a novelty in the competition: “ Cinematic and financial success“. Isn’t it free of defects, Super Mario Bros. has blown up both the box office and social networks, which for several weeks have done nothing but talk about the phenomenon (Thank you, Jack Black and his Peaches). Therefore, it’s likely that the mustachioed plumber and Illumination will go home with this trophy.

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At the side of Disney, it’s the grimace soup. If Primary school seduced the audience without marking the cinema, Wish is a real artistic and financial disaster (48% good reviews and almost 100 million in sales). If Mario was what many saw as a disguised advertisement for video games Wish a soulless TV spot with the big hits of Disney. Unless there are grotesque surprises, it is likely that the company with the big ears will not win any trophies with its animated films this year.

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