Winston Royal invites young people to study and play sports to succeed

Winston Royal, a member of the national basketball team in the 1980s and 1990s, participated in a clinic-talk at El Hoyo, in the Barrio Libertador, in Herrera, Santo Domingo Oeste.

“Think about your future and don’t be distracted by anything they tell you, sports and studies are the best things you can have to succeed, don’t stop,” Royal said while guiding how to handle the ball and throw it towards the basket, accompanied by El Grillo Vargas and Eduardo Gomez.

“This is a historic moment for Club El Hoyo,” said Jorge Segura and Bienvenido Díaz, president and vice president of that club.

They asked the Vice Minister of the Interior Aníbal Amparo and the Sports Director of the Police, Colonel Jacobo Mateo Moquete, to convey their gratitude to the Minister Jesús Vásquez and Major General Alberto Then, for thinking of such a vulnerable place that is sorely needed by His youth see examples like those immortals of Dominican basketball.

Before starting the activity, Colonel Mateo Moquete invited them to participate on Sunday, August 27, in the launch of “Back to the Neighborhood”, Santo Domingo Oeste version, on Municipal Boulevard, on Luperón Avenue and the corner of Independencia Avenue extension, where it worked the Flea Market.

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