Windows trick: Did you know you can press CTRL to stop Task Manager from updating?

A very useful and unknown Windows trick was released this week, which allows you to stop the Task Manager window from updating by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, which prevents access to a process in the list relieved.

He Windows Task Manager is one of the most useful built-in system management tools as it allows you to kill unresponsive applications and see which processes are consuming too much CPU, memory and other resources.

However, when many processes are running, you will find processes jumping up the list due to constant changes in resource usage. This process jumping can make it difficult to select a process or see what is happening.

This week Jen Gentleman, Program Manager for Microsoft Windows, divided A helpful tip on X (Twitter) who says so You can hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard to temporarily freeze Task Manager’s refresh so you can better see what resources a process is using.

To automatically update the list of processes again, simply release the Ctrl key.


Although it is possible to control the update speed of Task Manager in the tool’s settings, you can only stop the update altogether or set the update speed (Low, Normal, High).

However, this new trick allows you to keep the refresh rate at “High” and then pause it when needed.

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