Windows 11: non-compatible PCs still receive updates

Windows 11 can be installed on incompatible computers with a little trickery. Microsoft has warned, however: in this case, the updates will not install. However, some users even received it.

To get Windows 11, you must meet certain conditions. You need a machine that has a not too old processor, but also a TPM 2.0 chip. If one of these elements is missing, the OS will not be able to install. However, there are ways around these obligations, but at your own risk. Microsoft has indeed indicated that PCs that installed Windows 11 without having the minimum configuration would not receive any update. It seems like the Redmond firm has reversed its decision.

Windows 11 was entitled to its first update on October 12th. A minor update (KB5006674) which is above all dedicated to security. Two sites, and, report that even PCs that have installed the OS without meeting the criteria yet received it. A surprise that shows that Microsoft may have changed its mind.

Will Windows 11 be supported for a long time on incompatible PCs?

Affected users should not claim victory too early. If this update is well rolled out to everyone, nothing says that the following will be as well. We can also assume that Microsoft releases the security patches, but does not deliver the others, including the big annual updates. For the moment, we can only make guesses, the company having given no further information.

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As a reminder, the company imposed the TPM 2.0 chip on Windows 11 for security reasons. This chip is present on the most recent computers (less than five years old), but not necessarily the old ones. A good part of the users cannot thus install this new OS by traditional means.

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While it is still possible to circumvent these rules, it will not be without risks. For now, Microsoft seems to be protecting these users, but for how long? If your computer is not compatible, we cannot advise you too much to stay on Windows 10, still followed by Microsoft until at least 2025.

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