Windows 11 is not compatible with Apple’s Mac M1, it’s official

Microsoft has just confirmed a very bad news: unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 will not be supported by devices based on Apple’s M1 chip. It will therefore be impossible to install the operating system on a Mac M1, even on a virtual machine.

Microsoft told our colleagues at The Register that they were having problems trying to run a preview version of the future OS on Parallels Desktop 17, that they areone next OS would not be compatible with Apple M1 computers, even in virtual machine (VM) software. Running Windows 11 on Apple M1 chips is ” not a supported scenario “Said a spokesperson for the American company.

One of the most popular virtualization tools, Parallels Desktop, recently upgraded to version 17. Until now, users who installed Insider builds of Windows 11 have not experienced any issues, but the software started showing hardware compatibility errors on this new version. While Parallels quickly released a v17.0.1 update to its VM software to resolve the issue, Microsoft ultimately announced that the final version of Windows 11 would not be compatible.

Windows 10 is compatible with Mac M1, but not Windows 11

The incompatibility of Windows 11 with Mac M1 is a very bad surprise, especially since Windows 10 is already fully supported by the publisher of the Parallels Desktop virtualization suite on Mac M1. Some Mac users may not like this, who sometimes need to use Windows on virtual machines to use certain applications.

We imagine that Microsoft could one day backtrack by announcing that Windows 11 is finally compatible with Mac M1, since it had also been more lax on the conditions of installation of Windows 11 by making the update compatible with old PCs.

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The company is still working on the global launch of Windows 11, which will take place on October 5. Until then Microsoft to hold a big event on September 22 next in which it will unveil new Surface PCs, but also the Surface Duo 2. The company should also mention Windows 11.

Source: The Register

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