Windows 11 is about to say goodbye to a classic Windows feature

The latest Windows 11 trials testify that Microsoft wants to get rid of a classic from its operating systems. It is about the inevitable disappearance of the Control Panel.

The intention of the American company seems to be to put all the Windows 11 management options in the Settings application. In this way, Microsoft will end up making the mythical Control Panel superfluous.

Control panel options migrated to Windows 11 settings

One of the latest changes implemented in Windows 11 was the transition from advanced network settings to Settings. This is where users can find options for sharing folders, printers, and others on a network.

Windows 11

Another option that signals Microsoft’s intention has to do with uninstalling programs. This option has always been built into the Control Panel, however Windows 11 starts redirecting users to Settings.

We can also point out that uninstalling updates was also integrated into Definitions. There are many more options that we traditionally find in the Control Panel that are now sending the user to Windows Settings.

Microsoft justifies these changes as a “continuing effort to bring settings from the Control Panel to the Settings application.” A clear sign that the former may no longer make sense in Windows.

This is another decision by Microsoft in an attempt to simplify the use of its operating system. Even if the company has not publicly admitted it, the Control Panel may even disappear from Windows 11.

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft gave the first signs of this change with the release of Definitions. Still, the company allowed it to coexist with the Control Panel perhaps as a temporary measure.

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The end of the line for the Control Panel can even be done with Windows 11. It remains to be seen if this management pack will actually disappear from Windows or if it will remain a ghost.

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