Windows 11: application with tips for the new operating system

Microsoft is testing an updated tooltip application, fully designed for Windows 11, that aims to show users new features, shortcuts, and settings.

The new app, as Microsoft explains on its blog, is available in preview version 22458 on Channel Dev. The tech giant also says that the Tips app will be included in Windows 11 to help users explore all features while browsing on the system.

In anticipation of the release of Windows 11, Microsoft continues to optimize some key elements of the operating system, such as the Start menu and the taskbar. News that the brand has shared with users on the Dev channel mentioned above.

Microsoft accounts without authentication password

Microsoft without password

Meanwhile, Microsoft is also expanding the access of the login option without the need to enter a password. This feature was only available to business customers with Azure Active Directory, but now Windows 10 home users and in the future Windows 11. will be included as well.

All to protect users from potential hacker attacks, as a large number of commonly used passwords are easy to remember and therefore easy to hack.

According to Vasu Jakkal, vice president of security and compliance at Microsoft, passwordless access “is easy to set up.” You only need a Microsoft account to be able to “use the Authenticator application that, in a few steps, will give you access without the need for a password,” explains the person in charge.

Is it the end of passwords?

Not even these new features will eliminate the use of passwords. What happens is that forms of authentication are emerging that are easier to use in different technological devices. The test comes in the form of the OAuth and FIDO2 standards used in mobile phones, which use two or more authentication factors.

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Although only corporate Windows users can access the passwordless sign-in option, this feature covers Microsoft applications for iOS and Android devices.

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