Windows 11 and Qualcomm boost WiFi connection when playing video games

Qualcomm announces the arrival of its new WiFi Dual Station technology. By combining two 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands (or even 6 GHz when available), the latter drastically reduces latency rates and other connection problems. A boon for gamers who are the first victims of WiFi bugs.

Credit: Qualcomm

We are not necessarily used to seeing Qualcomm address gamers, this environment being the preserve of AMD and Nvidia. But today, there is no question of processors or graphics card. Rather, the firm wanted to tackle another key component of video games: WiFi connection. Indeed, what could be worse than a high latency or a sharp cut in the middle of a game?

Also, players historically prefer Ethernet to WiFi, much more reliable and efficient than the latter. But Qualcomm is about to change that. Today, the firm presented the WiFi Dual Station, a technology that uses two WiFi bands to ensure a more stable and faster connection. It is thus possible to combine a 2.4 GHz band and a 5 GHz band, or even 6 GHz when it is available.

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Qualcomm will revolutionize online gaming

This feature, which lands on Windows 11, is based on an already existing technology: the Stream Dual Band Simultaneous, or DBS, which therefore allows operate two WiFi bands at the same time. “Games and other latency-sensitive applications can now take advantage of two simultaneous WiFi connections, delivering world-class user experiences.”said Ian LeGrow, vice president of Windows program management.

“Now more than ever, high-performance, robust and low-latency wireless connectivity is a critical factor in delivering engaging, engaging and immersive experiences.”, meanwhile explains Dino Bekis, vice president of mobile and IT connectivity at Qualcomm. “Through focused collaboration, we are addressing today’s unprecedented wireless challenges and dramatically extending these best-in-class capabilities across the ecosystem. “

Note that the WiFi Dual Station applications do not stop at gaming. Many other sectors, especially professionals, can benefit from a more stable and efficient connection. We are thinking in particular of videoconferences which are now part of our daily lives, or even remote management tools.

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Source: Qualcomm

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