Wind, heavy rain… The state of emergency declared in New Zealand

“The severity and damage we are seeing has not been seen in a generation. On Tuesday, New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins declared a week-long state of emergency on the archipelago, hit by a violent cyclone, depriving more than 225,000 people of electricity and causing floods and landslides. .

Strong winds and heavy rainfall battered Monday night into Tuesday on the North Island, home to more than three-quarters of the country’s five million people when Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said “the most significant weather event to occur in New Zealand in this century”. “The consequences are significant and are widespread,” added the head of the New Zealand executive.

At least 2,500 people had to evacuate their homes

Houses were damaged by falling trees or invaded by mud and rubbish. Some inhabitants thus found themselves totally isolated, the roads being cut following landslides or floods. According to local media, people had to swim from their homes. Some had to walk through flooded streets, others were forced to shelter in place.

This cyclone caused wind gusts of up to 140 km / h, an accumulation of precipitation of up to 20 cm in twenty-four hours and waves of eleven meters. “At least 2,500 people had to evacuate their homes,” said Emergency Management Minister Kieran McAnulty.

Several areas are inaccessible by road and without electricity or telecommunications. 225,000 people do not have access to electricity, according to energy suppliers and the government. The main road linking the capital Wellington to Auckland, the country’s largest city, is closed. Soldiers were deployed to assist with evacuations.

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