WIM Group opens its new office in Madrid with an event on AI in e-commerce

WIM Group, a benchmark in Spain for digital and technological development and growth, which includes the companies Webimpacto, D2C and eCommerce Photography, inaugurated its new office in Móstoles (Madrid) on the 14th with an event in which customers, Partners and participants met was characterized by its approach, in which artificial intelligence (AI) and its application in electronic commerce played a prominent role.

David Rodríguez Ureña, CEO and founder of WIM Group

David Rodríguez Ureña, CEO and founder of WIM Group, The event began by presenting the objectives of the new center, including the merger of the offices in Yuncler (the company’s birthplace) and Leganés, where the offices of Ecommerce Photography were located, an important part of the group that was founded last year acquired and exclusively has first-class equipment. Organizing meetings and events as well as promoting collaboration with companies and start-ups to promote the digital transformation of the industry are other goals that WIM Group has set for the new offices.

The founder of the WIM Group then gave a lecture on the topic “The application of AI in e-commerce“, in which he shared ideas and suggestions that artificial intelligence offers to the world of e-commerce. David expressed his constant interest in new trends since he started entrepreneurship and noted that AI is a… influential force in our lives and highlighted aspects where e-commerce can benefit from AI, such as:

  • Personalization: Using AI, e-commerce companies can offer their customers personalized recommendations based on their interests and purchasing habits.
  • Automation: AI helps automate repetitive tasks such as customer service, order management or some marketing tools.
  • Data analysis: AI can be used to analyze customer data to better understand their needs and optimize marketing strategies.
  • Forecast: Through AI and data studies, it is possible to predict customer behavior and market trends to make strategic decisions. Something that is becoming increasingly important for companies.

The game changer in using AI in visual content

Montse Labiaga, founder of E-Commerce Photography, a company that joined WIM Group last year, shared its experiences on the changes that AI has brought to the world of visual design, particularly in e-commerce. She described how she felt overwhelmed before AI, but now she sees these technologies as “wings” that allow her to fly and that have revolutionized her sector in two ways:

  1. A) Product design: On the one hand, when designing products. And he gave the example of brands like Desigual, which have launched initiatives such as on-demand sales of AI-created designs, using them as branding and campaign tools, while also serving as tests to assess market acceptance.
  2. B) Visual Content for Products:
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Labiaga also presented creative ways to create impact with visual content, from AI-generated still lifes with different backgrounds to creating specific contexts to increase conversion in e-commerce. He addressed the loss of image rights in the industry and highlighted how AI makes it possible to change faces on a basis without compromising originality.

After the inauguration of the new offices, we spoke to David Rodríguez Urenawho told us exclusively about the goals of the new center: “Post-COVID, there was a very big boom in telecommuting, but it also created some disconnect. We had offices in Yuncler (Toledo), where we were born, and Leganés, where Ecommerce Photography was based. With the new facilities in Móstoles we want to unite them all and make it a center where we can unite all the companies of the group, have better internal communication and also improve other experiences such as meetings with customers, small events, meetings, etc.

Montse Labiaga, founder of E-Commerce Photography

Montse Labiaga For his part, he shared with us his vision of WIM Group, which is to be a leader in selling innovative solutions through the generation of value for retail companies, thus being a strategic partner for their customers, as well as his mission, which is: “Help achieve the best online sales conversion thanks to digital strategy“.

Regarding the goals they want to achieve in 2024, Montse stands out”We will continue to raise our quality standards to provide our customers with the highest quality service. Specify the maximum possible value. And value = brings benefit to the customer. Profitability, achieving the Ebitda margins that we proposed for both eCommerce Photography and Webimpacto. And continue to unify cultures between companies and continue to work on the correct implementation and use of AI in both our internal processes and our services.”

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