Willy Hernangómez speaks unceremoniously about his signing for FC Barcelona: stick to Real Madrid

A signing that promises to be one of the most talked about of the season and will mark a before and after in the Spanish center’s career.

The talented Spanish center has created quite a stir in the world of basketball by making a decision that has left Real Madrid speechless. Willy Hernangómez belonging to the merengue academy, has decided to accept a succulent offer from FC Barcelona, which is a blow to his former club. With the deadline set for next Wednesday, Real Madrid have little time to counter the proposal and convince Hernangómez to return home.

The Real Madrid youth squad has been sincere in his search for a more relevant role in the world of basketball. In statements, Hernangómez expressed: “I am from the Real Madrid youth system, but in the end I want to play and feel important. Fight for titles. I don’t close doors to anything.” These words hinted at his desire to explore new opportunities outside the white club.

Willy Hernangómez Barcelona
There is little time left to counter the proposal and convince the player to return home.

Barcelona’s offer for Willy Hernangómez puts Real Madrid in check

Now, With FC Barcelona’s offer on the table, Hernangómez faces a momentous decision in his sports career. Real Madrid have one last chance to try to convince the player to stay at home and defend the Real Madrid colours. However, to achieve this, they will have to match the tempting offer presented by Barcelona: 12.5 million euros distributed in 3.5 million for the first season and 4.5 million for the next two.

These figures make the Spanish center the highest paid player in Spain. In addition, the signing of Hernangómez would be a great blow for Real Madrid and a significant reinforcement for FC Barcelona. The center, known for his talent and skills on the field, would be a valuable asset for the Catalan team, which seeks to strengthen its squad for next season.

The Spanish center looks for a new opportunity

The player’s decision will not be easy, as it means leaving behind his roots in the Real Madrid youth system. However, the player is willing to consider all options and look for new opportunities to continue growing in his professional career. Barcelona offers him a winning team and the chance to fight for titles, aspects that could tip the balance in his favor.

But without any doubt, time is short for Real Madrid, who will have to make a quick and forceful decision if they want to retain the player. A phone call and an offer that matches Barcelona’s offer could be the last chance to convince the player to continue his career with the white team. It would even be a negotiation that promises to mark a before and after in the pivot’s career Spanish.

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