Home Sports Willian José, the new source of income for Betis

Willian José, the new source of income for Betis

Willian José, the new source of income for Betis

The Saudi Super League have their sights set on Real Betis again, but this time it’s not just about Luiz Felipe. Brazilian striker Willian José is on the radar of several Saudi teams, raising the possibility of a player diaspora to the oil countries. After a promising pre-season, Willian José has scored twice in the last two games, attracting interest from Saudi clubs before the market closes in mid-September.

The Saudi transfer market has been a magnet for Spanish and European players in recent years, offering lucrative deals and new football experiences. Juanmi’s recent loan spell at Al Riyadh is evidence of this trend. Now, as he told Mundo Deportivo, Willian José seems to be in the crosshairs of several Saudi teams looking to strengthen their ranks with his scoring chances.

The situation raises questions for Real Betis and their fans. Will the team allow another prominent player to join Saudi Arabia? How will this affect the squad and the team’s play next season? Although Luiz Felipe’s departure is virtually complete, the interest in Willian José is adding a new level of uncertainty.

a great window

On the other hand, the Saudi teams’ desire to sign Willian José can be seen as a recognition of his skills and potential on the pitch. His scoring ability could be a valuable addition to any team looking to strengthen their offensive line.

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