Willian José can end up at Atlético as a replacement for Suárez

The Athletic negotiates with Betis the transfer of Willian jose. Simeone knows that the future of Luis Suarez point to the MLS and see in the Brazilian of Betis a profile that is very reminiscent of Diego Costa. In addition, there will be no problem in selling, since they will pay 8.5 million to the Real society to own it. If Atlético looses 25-30 million, it is theirs.

When I was still a player of the Real society, The truth is that Willian jose it had a very good poster. It was even international with Brazil on occasion, which for a striker denotes a very high level. However, after many negotiations, finally with the pandemic the only way to get it out was with an assignment with a purchase option.

So Willian José went on loan to Wolves, to the Premier League, with a purchase option at a price of 25 million euros. However, the Brazilian did not adapt and hardly played regularly. The end of the season arrived and the purchase option did not materialize.

Willian José had to return to the Royal Society, knowing that he was not counted on. Isak was the starter and Carlos Fernández had been signed. And at that point, when the market ended and it seemed that he was going to stay at Real Sociedad, Betis offered a loan with an option to buy for Willian José.

The Royal Society accepted a price without knowing that Willian José was going to wake up in this way. He has scored 4 goals in 4 games with Betis and is already an idol at Benito Villamarín. Well, in addition to being a direct rival, Willian José will leave only 8.5 million euros at Real Sociedad.

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But it can get worse. Because Simeone really likes the Brazilian forward. So much so that Betis could pay those 8.5 kilos to sell Willian José to Atlético. The mattress set would be willing to put up to 25 million euros, which could reach 30 in terms of variables. A perfect operation that would leave almost 20 million clean in the Betic coffers.

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