Home Sports William Guzmán conquers the second stage of the Punta Cana GP

William Guzmán conquers the second stage of the Punta Cana GP

William Guzmán conquers the second stage of the Punta Cana GP

The Dominican rider William Guzmán won this Saturday in the Elite category of the second stage of the Punta Cana Grand Prix 2022 that is held in this tourist town in the province of La Altagracia.

Guzmán (Corratec American Racing Team), who had a time of 1:50:09, achieved a point-to-point a few meters from the finish line with Johan Cañaveral, also from Team Corratec, and Cristian Concepción, who stopped the clock in 1:50:12. The race had a route of 80 kilometers. Its departure and arrival goal was the Blue Mall in Punta Cana.

After the second stage, the Dominican Joel García leads the Elite category with a global time of four hours, ten minutes and 29 seconds.

He is closely escorted by Elvis Reyes, from Corratec American Racing Team, and Miguel Alfredo Plazas, from JBROPADE Cycling/Calzadpawer, with 4:10:29 and 4:10:30, respectively.

The cycling fair is scheduled to conclude this Sunday with a closed circuit.

Riders from Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Uruguay, Curaçao, Belize, Guatemala, Ukraine, as well as teams from several cities in the United States and the Dominican Republic, participate in the fair.

The Punta Cana Grand Prix is ​​part of the Tour of the Americas, which also includes the Clásica RPC Radio de Panamá, the Tour of South Florida, in Miami, Florida, the Clásica Ecuador and the Clásica Puerto Rico.

Other category winners

Dominican rider Anthony Rodríguez won first place in the Master A category by traveling an 81-kilometer section of the Coral highway in a time of one hour, 53 minutes and 29 seconds.

Rodríguez, from Team Candelier-Moca, was escorted by Kelvin Suriel, from AC Training, with a time of 1:53:29 for second place, while Lisandro Mejía, from ACT Team, reached the finish line third in 1:53: 29.

In Master B, Corratec American Racing Team riders Noslen Ruiz, Rafael del Sol and Israel Daniel occupied the first three places in that category with times of 1:54:10, 1:54:11 and 1:54:12, respectively.

In Master C, Edgar Pimentel won with a time of one hour, 41 minutes and 51 seconds. The Pegacol rider was besieged at the finish line by Leonardo Pérez (1:31:52), from the United States, and Leonardo Manuel Diez (1:31:54), with a difference of just one and three seconds, respectively.

In Women’s A, the first place went to the Dominican Flor Espiritu Santo Estévez, who compiled a time of one hour, seven minutes and 39 seconds. Second place went to Ana Guzmán, also a Creole, with a time of 1:07:40, while Bianka Moreno, from Panama, came third with 1:07:40.

In Women’s B, Karelia Machado, from Venezuela and the Dominicans Yanilka Vega and Juana Fernández prevailed with times of 1:09:14, each, respectively.

In the Beginner Female, the Creole Rachel Guerrero (1:21:27) was the best in that category by beating her compatriot Katherine Rosario Lora, with 1:58:12.

In the Recreational category, Rayner Mata, from Team Candelier-Moca, prevailed by timing 59 minutes and 33 seconds.

Antonio Giraldez, from Pegacol, escorted him to stop the clock at 59:33, while Aneudy de Jesús Gómez, from Hamacan Sport Team finished third with the same time.

In the Sport Started category, Rony Reyes won first place by registering a time of 32 minutes and 32 seconds, followed by Melvin Cedeño and Daniel Leonel Ramos, with records of 32:32 and 32:33, respectively.

overall leadership

After yesterday’s stage, Kelvin Suriel led the Master A category in general with a total of 28 points, followed by Carlos Daniel Ostos, from Inteja, also with 38 points, while Anthony Rodríguez has 20 points.

Meanwhile, Master B is led by Rafael del Sol, with 36, as well as Israel Daniel, from the United States. On his side, the American Noslen Ruiz ranks third in that category with 34 points.

In Master C, Edgar Pimentel is the leader with 38 points, while Leonardo Pérez is second with 38 units. Meanwhile, Roberto Rosario Torres follows him with 34 points.

In Women’s A, the general Flor Espiritu Santo Estévez dominates with 34 points, while Ana Guzmán and Gina Elizabeth Figueroa, from Drink Team, follow them with 30 units each.

In Women’s B, Karelia Machado, Juana Fernández and Mayerline García lead with 40, 34 and 30 points, respectively.

In the Beginner Women, the first three places are Rachel Guerrero, Katherine Rosario Lora and Ekecsy Ollarves with 40, 36 and 0 each.

In Sport, Daniel Leonel Ramos, from TV 45058, leads the general in this category with 28 points, as does Danilo Antonio López, from La Escudería BMC and Alexis Núñez, from HCT, both with 28 points.

In the recreational, Gabriel Alexander Pérez, from Circuit Cycling, is the leader with 34 points. In second and third place are Antonio Giraldez, from Pegacol, and Aneudys de Jesús Gómez, from Hamacan Sport Team, with 30 and 26 goals.

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