William Carvalho will leave Betis along with Guido Rodríguez

Of the two midfielders, only one has the possibility of extending, albeit at a reduced rate, an option that the player will not accept, which is why both are expected to leave Heliópolis in the summer.

There is no news on William Carvalho, Betis still plans to sell him as predicted for a few seasons. Although his contract with the Sevillian team is signed until 2026, the Sports and General Directorate have already suggested that the 31-year-old footballer will not remain in the team no matter what happens.

The same fate could befall midfielder Guido Rodríguez, who was temporarily on the exit list. In the last winter market he had everything ready to go to Atlético, but his recent injury prevented him from playing. The Argentine has extension options, but Ángel Haro admitted it will be a disadvantage.

EGD Betis
The Argentine midfielder does have the opportunity to extend his contract, but under different conditions.

While Guido thinks about it, Betis takes steps to release William Carvalho

To date, there has not been a single strong offer for the Portuguese regular player and the alarm bell is ringing in the Bética sports management.. Both Haro and the rest of the board know that the options for selling the Portuguese are becoming more complicated every day. But there is a good reason why the proposals are not yet tangible.

If no team has registered for Carvalho, it is because his physical and athletic level is not optimal to compete in the elite. But offers have not even arrived from Portugal, especially when it comes to Sporting Lisbon (the team where he made his debut). The only thing left inside The green and white structure should wait and have a lot of trust that the suggestions arrive on time.

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With William Carvalho still pending, Betis is waiting for Guido’s response

To date, the Argentine midfielder is still in hospital due to the ankle injury he sustained in early December. The same one that did not allow him to sign for the Colchonero club or any other team interested in him. Although his recovery is short, The sports management is of the opinion that this circumstance also changes the conditions for the extension.

“Guido Rodríguez remains one to keep an eye on in the summer with many clubs showing interest, the current contract expires in June. Our proposal to extend Guido Rodríguez’s contract has expired. If he wants to stay, we have to negotiate again with new conditionsÁngel Haro, president of Betis, has made it clear.

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