According to direct sources close to the administration of President Jose Biden, USA would be considering taking any action that could compromise their participation in the Winter Olympic Games that are held in the region of Beijing. Although there is still no official statement by the president. The main betting shops and specialized media already warn of the situation.

The Winter Olympic Games They will be played from the next 4 until the 20th of February. And, as always happens in this type of sporting event, the expectation is maximum. In fact, it is now possible to consult sports forecasts for today. However, it seems that the next few weeks will be key to achieving the expected result.

Recommendations to avoid the correct organization of games

Among the different measures that seem to be being weighed, the Washington Post indicates that it hopes that Biden will carry out the approval of a public recommendation that prevents sending US officials to the games. To do this, it is necessary to become aware that the White House he always sends officials from the country for the opening and closing of the games.

Chain CNN It has already announced that, according to its sources, it does not appear that this issue has been discussed in the virtual meeting that took place between BIden and his Chinese colleague last Monday. However, it is expected that the administration itself will first carry out the entire strategy and subsequently implement it correctly when holding them.

It is not only Biden, the current President of the United States, who seems to be in favor of this agreement. Also the Democratic and Republican legislators. Including the Speaker of the House of Representatives herself, Nancy Pelosi, who has advocated ending up executing the boycott.

At the moment, no news from the athletes

It seems that athletes so far they have not commented on the matter. Although some politicians have already stated that some athletes are expected to resign, it is a situation with which they cannot pressure.

It was last week when the Secretary of the United States, Antony Blinken, specified that the United States and its allies are currently in “active conditions” on all actions to be carried out regarding the next Winter Olympics in China, recalls CNN.

However, Undersecretary of the Press Andrew Bates stated that “I have nothing to add on this matter. But I can tell you that it was not part of the conversation between Biden and his Chinese colleague ”during their last summit.

It seems that there is still a long way to go regarding the final decision that will be made on this issue. However, all the information indicates that the relationship between the two breathes a certain tension that must be resolved immediately to guarantee the good of sport and the celebration of an event of such exceptional dimensions as is the case of the Winter Olympic Games. Time will tell.


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