Will the iPhone 15 Pro be the first Apple smartphone without this feature?

The last radical change in the design of the iPhone occurred in 2017, with the launch of the iPhone X. Since then, the changes have been gradual and with one point in common: the controversial notch.

The iPhone 15 Pro can get rid of the controversial notch

In the iPhone 13 it was slightly reduced for the first time since 2017, but far from occupying the tiny space of a hole punch. According to the latest rumors, this abandonment can only happen on the iPhone 15 Pro.

Following the chronology of recent years, this model will only be presented in September 2023. But according to the Chinese website MyDrivers, this will be the terminal to consider for those who do not want an iPhone with a notch.


Initially, Apple’s plans were to put a fingerprint sensor under the screen (Touch ID) in the iPhone 13 Pro. But since the manufacturer likes to bet on technologies when they are fully perfected, they will have given up on that idea.

In that sense, Face ID is still the main method to unlock the latest iPhones. And at least for now, Apple needs space in the notch to accommodate the Face ID that should remain in the iPhone 14.

iOS 15.4 finally supports Face ID with a mask

One sign of Apple’s commitment to Face ID is iOS 15.4. After a long wait, this version of the model’s operating system finally brings the possibility of unlocking the smartphone with a skin. Something that until now could only happen using the unlock code or an Apple Watch.

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Let’s wait for more news in this regard, since the first rumors pointed to a hole in the iPhone 14. But this scenario seems increasingly unlikely.

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