Will the electricity burden go away? Black Friday for gold

Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of “Gold Fever”. In this episode, I share my insights on recent political and economic events around the world, their impact on our financial future and, of course, gold.

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Global political changes

I start with the notable political changes in countries like Argentina and Italy. A libertarian president who is a strong supporter of gold and Bitcoin (BTC) was recently elected in Argentina. This is particularly interesting given the high inflation in the country. I’m excited to see how this new leadership will impact the economy, particularly as it relates to precious metals and crypto investments.

Dutch elections and energy policy

I then discuss the recent elections in the Netherlands and their impact on politics. I find that parties that opposed restrictive policies, such as the PVV, made significant gains. This indicates a change in public opinion. I also discuss energy policy and rising energy taxes, criticize the current use of renewable energy sources and call for a rethink of traditional energy sources.

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Financial prospects and gold

Finally, I share my view on the financial markets and the prevailing optimism despite the threat of a global recession. I warn about the possible risks in the current economic situation and emphasize the importance of investing in stable assets such as gold. Finally, in connection with Black Friday, I have a special offer for you where you will receive a discount on transaction costs when investing in gold, silver or platinum. So don’t miss this video!

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The enduring appeal of gold

Given the uncertainties surrounding digital currencies and the increasing complexity of the financial world, gold remains a trusted safe haven for investors. If the gold rush continues to intensify, adding gold to an investment portfolio could be a wise decision.

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