Will Microsoft have a Surface Duo 3 model on the way?

Apparently, Microsoft is preparing to launch the Surface Duo 3 smartphone, although the predecessors have not been very successful.

According to a now-uncovered patent, the tech giant may come close to a dual-screen concept that’s lighter and more durable than foldable smartphones.

Microsoft “folding screen device” patent discovered

microsoft surface duo 3
Drawing featured in Microsoft’s new patent application for a “foldable display device”Credit@ITHome

Microsoft hasn’t exactly been successful with its Surface Duo series of smartphones. The first model took several months to reach the market and when it arrived it was already outdated compared to the competition.

The second model, although it corrected several aspects with respect to the predecessor, did not collect the preferences of the users. But still, it looks like the tech giant hasn’t given up on the project and may have the Surface Duo 3 on the way.

The news is being advanced by the IT Home website which has discovered a new patent from Microsoft called a “folding screen device”. The documentation shows a dual screen device that has a crease in the middle. Although the description makes it look like a foldable smartphone, Microsoft is talking about a dual-screen device. Therefore, it is not perceptible in which category the company wants to place the equipment.

In the documentation, Microsoft mentions that the folding screen can be folded 360 degrees and that the device includes a rear protection and a glass layer on the panel. There is also a light-emitting layer between the shield and the glass for the device to provide a natural user experience.

Microsoft’s concept has a slimmer, lighter design than foldable smartphones

According to Microsoft, this new design concept is thinner and lighter than that of folding smartphones, as well as being more durable, since it is less prone to accidents in its folding area.

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In practice, from what we can understand, Microsoft wants to offer users the benefits of a folding smartphone, but in a device that provides more longevity over time.

Since it’s still a patent application, we don’t know when Microsoft will be able to release this device, or even guarantee that it will see the light of day. But the now-uncovered patent suggests the tech giant has plans to compete with devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4.

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