Will international cricket be stopped again due to Corona? Now what will happen to IPL 2024?

Corona is causing fear once again. The devastation in the country and the world has increased in recent weeks. A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) has found that the number of Covid cases worldwide has risen by 52% in the last month. Now governments and administrations everywhere have taken action in this regard.

The new variant of Covid JN.1 is causing excitement. In India too, the number of new cases exceeds 500 every day. Currently, the number of active corona patients in India has exceeded 4,000. Central and state governments have started issuing warnings and now masks can be seen again on the streets and markets.

Amid these sudden increases in cases, the debate has intensified whether the country and the world will experience another lockdown. Or will there be a plan to stop the growing impact of Covid through some restrictions only to a limited extent? It also raises the question of whether non-essential events can be stopped if cases continue to rise at this rate, i.e. will sports and arts-related activities be halted for some time? Can international cricket events and tournaments like IPL be cancelled? Therefore, the answer to this is currently “no”.

The Corona outbreak is currently not so severe that all activities would have to be stopped. Even as coronavirus cases continue to rise, tournaments such as International Cricket and IPL will continue as usual. We say this because after the first wave of Corona it became clear that the lockdown and the subsequent cessation of many activities for a long time brought life to a standstill and the effects were visible to everyone. Chaos and existential worries kill people more than Corona. In such a situation, the country and the world will in turn want to avoid decisions such as any kind of lockdown or limited restrictions.

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Even as the devastation of the second wave of coronavirus reached its peak in India, it became apparent that the severity was significantly less compared to the first wave. People have been urged to go about their daily activities and go to the markets and streets with caution and precautionary measures. Sports operations resumed even in empty stadiums. In such a situation, there is no possibility that international cricket and tournaments like IPL 2024 will be stopped in any way.

Now there are better preparations in the country and the world than before to deal with Covid-19. Most people around the world have also gotten vaccinated to protect themselves from Covid-19. In such a situation, there will be neither a Covid outbreak like before nor a lockdown or an interruption to sports operations.

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