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Will General Electric’s nuclear power end at EDF? What future for the Franco-German couple after the departure of Angela Merkel? … The debates of the eco on Saturday, September 25, 2021

Every Saturday, two economists debate the topics that mark the economic and social news.

For these Eco Debates, Emmanuel Cugny receives Elise Huillery, Professor of Economics at the University of Lille, and Christian Saint-Etienne, member of the Circle of Economists; Professor of the Industrial Economics Chair at the CNAM.

Nuclear: it’s a turbine at EDF

What if EDF bought the nuclear activities of the American General Electric? Both groups confirm preliminary discussions. The operation is supported by the public authorities … The announcement comes six years after the controversial takeover of the energy branch of French Alstom by GE. Why buy back today what we sold to the Americans six years ago? Real industrial or political strategy? …

Post-Merkel Germany

On Sunday September 26, the Germans go to the polls for the federal elections. Sixteen years in power and Angela Merkel is preparing to leave the chancellery, leaving a great void after having embodied international pragmatism and taste for compromise. How can we now envision the life of the Franco-German couple? Why is this ballot important at European level? In the eyes of the economist, what will be the first gesture to watch on the part of the new power in place in Berlin?

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