Will Cristiano Ronaldo be able to live with his girlfriend in Saudi Arabia?

Cristiano Ronaldo will soon move to Saudi Arabia. The world-famous footballer is indeed joining the Al-Nassr club this year and was presented to supporters on Monday at a grand ceremony, reports the HuffPost.

His companion, Georgina Rodriguez, was present at this party. But the presence of the 28-year-old model raises many questions in the country. Indeed, the couple is not married, which can pose a problem with the Sharia rules that are applied in the kingdom.

Expatriates under the radar of the authorities

It is in fact forbidden for an unmarried couple to live together on the territory. But an exception could be made for “CR7”, according to two Saudi lawyers specializing in civil law and interviewed recently by the Spanish press agency EFE.

“The authorities have recently started turning a blind eye and no longer persecuting anyone, although these laws are used when there is a problem or a crime,” the first lawyer said. ” [Elles] no longer interfere in this matter for expatriates, ”confirmed his colleague.

To reside in Saudi Arabia, Georgina Rodriguez also has several possibilities. She can obtain a separate visa from Cristiano Ronaldo by being sponsored by the Al-Nassr football club, and thus reside wherever she wishes. The supermodel can also obtain a one-year tourist visa, allowing her to stay in the country for 90 consecutive days on each visit. No project has yet been formulated.

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