Home Business Will Bitcoin Break $38,000? Analyzes for BTC, ADA, VET and DOT

Will Bitcoin Break $38,000? Analyzes for BTC, ADA, VET and DOT

 Will Bitcoin Break $38,000?  Analyzes for BTC, ADA, VET and DOT

Hello everyone and welcome to my latest video! Today I discuss the exciting developments in the world of Bitcoin (BTC), take a close look at the price, and look at some promising altcoins. So you shouldn’t miss this video!

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Bitcoin price is breaking out

Let’s start with Bitcoin. Recently, a Bitcoin whale made a significant purchase that pushed this investor to number 73 on the Bitcoin Rich List. This is a sign of confidence in the market.

There is also news about the postponed Bitcoin ETF or exchange fund, which could lead to approval in the coming weeks. That would be a great start to the new year!

On the charts, we see that Bitcoin is attempting to break above $38,000. We have a sideways channel and an upline that has not yet been broken. This suggests that we can expect further upside.

Altcoins with a lot of potential

Now about the altcoins. I received three requests: Vechain (VET), Polkadot (DOT) and Cardano (ADA). These altcoins are showing interesting patterns that indicate possible bottoms. For Vechain we see an Adam and Eve pattern which is a bullish Signal. Polkadot is showing a similar pattern, suggesting we may be breaking out of the accumulation zone. And finally, I discuss Cardano, where we also see an Adam and Eve pattern indicating a possible bullish move.

These are exciting times in the crypto market! I hope this analysis helps you with your trading decisions. As always, happy trading and have a nice day!

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