Will Aryan Khan Involved In Drug Case Lower Father Shahrukh Khan’s Brand Equity?

Because Aryan Khan is caught in a drug case, actor Shahrukh Khan faces problems not only in personal life but also in professional life. Recently, the educational brand company Byju’s has closed all advertisements for Shahrukh, after which questions are being raised as to whether Aryan will also reduce Shahrukh Khan’s brand equity.

Shahrukh Khan is the ambassador for many great brands, from paint to automotive. They take 8-10 crore from a brand. Regarding the value of your brand, advertising guru Prahlad Kakkar says that everyone knows that what is happening is just a show. But Byju’s announcement has been paused so there is no controversy about it. They said, “Opponents can use this to say that your brand ambassador’s son takes drugs, what are you teaching kids? They don’t want to get into these kinds of controversies. They just want to know what the consequences are.” Everybody knows. this is a political issue, it will eventually let go. “

Advertising film producer Pritish Nandy said he does not believe this will have a significant impact on Shahrukh Khan’s brand equity. He said: “Shahrukh’s brand value is not the same as before. He had more followers than now, it is true that his brand value has dropped a bit, but not because of the Aryan Khan case.”

According to market expert Atul Mohan, what is happening with Shahrukh Khan is temporary, he will once again return in force. They said, “These are difficult times for Shah Rukh and his family, but they will not affect the value of his brand or his reputation. I think after that it will come out stronger. Whatever is happening is generating sympathy for the Khan family and is fueling anger against the system. “

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