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Will Apple develop a game console?

Rumors about Apple are frequent and the most recent advances that the Cupertino company may have in its plans is the development of a game console.

And it seems that Tim Cook is trying to recruit engineers linked to Microsoft’s Xbox to put together a team to push the project forward.

Apple tries to hire Microsoft Xbox engineers

Apple Arcade subscription service has over 200 games

According to the latest rumor about Apple, the company could have in its plans the development of a game console. The information comes via the Xbox Two podcast and its author Jez Corden. Apparently, the Cupertino company is trying to recruit engineers linked to Microsoft’s Xbox to form a team.

If the information is confirmed, an Apple video game console could shake the video game market dominated by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. But Jez Corden shares this information with some caution and even honesty, stating that it is a rumor that she heard and that she has no documents or physical evidence to support the information.

Apple could explore Virtual Reality or Metaverse games

However, the author of the podcast does not shy away from advancing some ideas about the possibility of Apple entering the world of video games. Corden says that Apple may be thinking of exploring Virtual Reality or Metaverse gaming and therefore intends to recruit Xbox engineers who at least already have the know-how in the area of ​​video games.

To tell the truth: Apple has focused more on this specific area. Remember the Apple Arcade subscription service that works with iOS, iPadOS, macOS terminals and also on your TV. For this reason, the Cupertino company also already has some experience in the area.

But Apple is equally known for canceling big projects. In Cupertino it seems that there is no fear or shame in ending big projects, although there is a lot of expectation and enthusiasm around them. And for that, we must be very careful with this information and not get our hopes up for now.



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