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Wild plants to give to our chickens

gallinas, plantas silvestres, permacultura

Chickens not only eat grain, they love wild plants. They receive a lot of nutrients that have a positive effect on their health and improve the quality of the eggs they lay.

Today we will tell you which wild plants we feed our chickens to increase their health and therefore egg production. I hope you enjoy the video and I invite you to contribute what other plants you give them.

It should be noted that if the chickens have free access to wild flora, then they take what they need. However, if you keep the chickens in semi-liberty, this is a good option to feed them well.

We hope you can learn about the wild plants growing in your area to improve your chickens’ diet. It will also be an economic relief as they will no longer consume as many grains or store-bought balanced foods.

With information from: Holistic Permaculture – YouTube

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