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Wife sells unwanted dick pics for crypto fortune

Wife sells unwanted dick pics for crypto fortune

Unfortunately, some men have a vile habit of unsolicitedly sharing pictures of their reproductive organs. And in the most bizarre cases also to women who have never seen them in their lives. This smart woman has come up with a hilarious way to teach them to stop this behavior.

Crypto solution for unwanted dick pics

Zoe Scaman was fed up with men constantly sending her unsolicited dick pics and sexually explicit messages. While she was doing her thing on Twitter, now renamed X, all sorts of different images and messages reached her. That’s why she had a brilliant idea: She converts the photos into NFTs.

NFTs, short for Non Fungible Tokens, are messages, objects and photos linked to the blockchain. In other words, you exist not only on your screen or in real life, but also on the Blockchain. Each NFT gets their own Hash, which can be used as a crypto investor. For example, you can own a painting as an NFT in your crypto wallet. Just like you can hang a painting in your home.

This concept was used by Scaman to solve their problem. She converted photos of genitals and sexual messages into NFTs with the sender’s name added. That way everyone can see them, along with the photographer’s name. If the sender regrets their regrettable actions, they can remove them from the blockchain for a fee.

Concept available to everyone

Would you like to have a phallus photo too? Then you can visit their website nftthedp Here is a step-by-step plan for creating such a photo. This allows you to share your new acquisition with the “mastermind” behind the original creator of the photo. If necessary, he is even willing to take over the artwork from you at a good price.

Whether Scaman will implement their idea is not yet known. However, the concept does not only have to be a success for Zoe. Any woman who is bothered by unwanted images can turn the photos into an NFT through her page. In this way, the problem is tackled little by little and every woman has a solution that she can use to counterattack.

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