WhyNotWin11: A Tool That Really Tells You Why You Can’t Run Windows 11

Microsoft introduced a few days ago Windows 11 and has already released the first version of Windows 11 Insider Preview.

However, the company’s system requirements have caused a lot of confusion, especially as it has changed them several times.

Microsoft didn’t just offer contradictory statements about the chip Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that it needs Windows 11, but offered unclear messages about which processors will run the OS without problems.

A machine also doesn’t need a dedicated TPM 2.0 chip, as AMD and Intel integrate compatible equivalents into their modern processors.

Yesterday, Microsoft announced that it had withdrawn PC health check, your application to determine if a PC will be able to run Windows 11. Microsoft said the app did not provide enough detail and would replace it with a revised version closer to the public release of Windows 11.

In reality, the PC Health Check app does not provide any information about why a PC can or cannot run Windows 11. Microsoft has published the system requirements for Windows 11, but the PC Health Check app doesn’t compare them to your computer’s hardware.

WhyNotWin11, a third-party tool, does all this. Available in GitHub, WhyNotWin11 does not need to be installed. Instead, you can run the tool by opening the .exe file and it will do a full scan, after which it will let you know what requirements your PC doesn’t meet.

Microsoft Edge and other browsers may try to block WhyNotWin11 from downloading, apparently due to the lack of a subscription, but apparently, it’s a harmless tool.

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