Why was Jaya Prada’s married life controversial? ruined career

Who would say that a girl who participated in dance and cultural programs at school would one day become a great Bollywood actress. It is about none other than Jaya Prada, the successful actress of the 70s, 80s and 90s. However, the personal life of Jaya Prada, who gained a big name in the cinema, was very controversial. There was a time when Jaya Prada, who achieved success one after another, went unnoticed by the Income Tax Department. Film producer Shrikant Nahata stepped forward to save Jaya Prada who was in trouble due to the action of the Income Tax Department (ED). Nahata had been very helpful to Jaya in resolving the legal dispute with TI.

The two grew closer through emotional support and help through legal issues. Not only this, even though Nahata was married, they both got married. This is the reason why Nahata and Jaya Prada’s love story and marriage have created a lot of controversy in the entertainment world. Jayaprada was madly in love with Srikant Nahata. Their love was so blind that they had no problem with the fact that Nahata was married and also the father of two children.

Soon, gossip of their affair engulfed the industry, but neither Jaya nor Srikkanth decided to back out of the relationship. But, the love story of Jaya and Srikkanth, who were once madly in love, came to a sad end. Jaya continued to act in movies even after she got married, but after her decision to marry a married man, she soon found herself outcast. This also ended her career.

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Due to his wife, Jaya Prada was unable to stay with him in Srikant’s house, so their married life also ended. In the end, she Jaya became Shrikant’s ‘second wife’. She jaya received nothing from Srikant’s husband. Ella Jaya may be married, but she will always be remembered as the ‘other woman’.

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