Why support Prince Harry? The British princess got into trouble

London: Prince Harry’s support has put British Princess Eugene in trouble, who faces criticism.

According to the details, on the 40th anniversary of the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle, Princess Eugene shared a special story on her Instagram account, in which she supported the couple who left the royal family.

On Wednesday, Princess Eugene also announced her voluntary participation in Meghan’s Archwell Monitoring Program, emphasizing her support for Meghan, a program for women who want to return to work after an epidemic.

And now, Prince Harry’s cousin Princess Eugene, who has separated from the British royal family, faces criticism for her support of Harry, according to international media reports.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser claims that Princess Eugene’s public support could be a game changer for the Sussex Royals, and that Eugene, one of the most popular members of Britain’s royal family, could clearly influence the affairs of the palace.

She also said that several royals shared official posts on social media last week on the occasion of the Duchess of Sussex’s 40th anniversary, but Eugene was the only royal to follow Meghan Markle’s 40/40 campaign on Instagram. . of your new initiative at your request.

The royal observer said that if Eugene decided to help write Harry’s autobiography, it would be a total change for Sussex and cause great difficulties for the royal palace.

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