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Why shouldn’t you put metal in a microwave oven?

Why shouldn’t you put metal in a microwave oven?

This is an instruction that is repeated very regularly to children: never put metal objects, such as cutlery for example, in a microwave oven. Here’s why .

Carelessness which in fact causes the appearance of large sparks, electric arcs, or even flames, and can therefore prove to be dangerous for the user, as well as for the circuits of the machine.

This phenomenon is caused by electromagnetic waves produced by the device. Their precise frequency (2450 MHz) stirs the molecules of metal, as much as those of food, which allows them to be heated.

And in addition to being perilous, putting a metal dish inside a microwave is completely unnecessary. The waves are in fact reflected by this material, and therefore cannot reach and heat food.

Some food manufacturers, however, have taken advantage of the properties of metals by producing microwave packaging that is covered with a thin layer of metal foil. They can be seen on items such as frozen pizzas and other similar foods.

The thin layer of metal foil on the wrappers causes the parts of the food closest to the foil to heat up faster. In the case of a frozen pizza, this can result in a crispier crust than one would otherwise get by cooking the pizza in the microwave on a plate, for example.

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