Why should the Leones del Escogido be the team most interested in free agency?

the figure of the free agency will appear for the first time in the organizational chart of the Dominican League starting this February 15, with an initial term of thirty days where the teams will be able to negotiate with those players who were under their control the previous season and who will be eligible for the market. Immediately after this interim period, all those not retained will have the power to negotiate with any franchise.

It is in this second stage of the market that the Lions of the Chosenan organization that in its three recent seasons has finished outside of a playoff berth, followed by having a lackluster core of native ballplayers which makes a restructuring process mandatory.

The latter takes a greater presence among position players, caused most of the time due to the multiple failures in their recent Rookie Draft picks. Only six of 51 players with defensive roles chosen by the Scarlets since the 2016 draft have played 50 or more games with the team, while some 16 have appeared in more than 20.

This bad luck to get figures with constant contribution has been the main cause of the hole they are going through, evidencing how their native players only produced an OPS of .577 after exhausting 76% of their appearances in the fifty games of the regular series concerned. to 2022, according to data from WinterBallData.

Clearly, the need for the Chosen One to revamp its pool of local talents is notable, placing free agency as the fastest way to make these adjustments, in addition to being a system in which each player signed will be at a time of his career ready to make immediate contributions to a new organization.

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Who will be the free agents?

According to the agreement held by Lidom and the Dominican Federation of Professional Baseball Players (FENAPEPRO), the main path to access the market will be having a player complete 65 weeks on an active roster, followed by players with eight years of being selected. in the draft and span 30 weeks on the roster.

Likewise, those players who accumulate 18 weeks on the roster and 10 years of being chosen in the draft for rookies, will be chosen to move to free agency for the offseason of this 2023.

As a last requirement, it is typified that all players who are over 12 years old from their selection in the draft will be venturing into fairs of free agreement.

Which players will reach free agency?

The inaugural format of free agency in Lidom will be full of outstanding talentsreflecting the large number of renowned players, veterans and current heavyweights who will be involved in the process.

In case of not reaching an agreement with his previous team, the names of Junior Lake, Aneury Tavarez, Yamaico Navarro, Gustavo Núñez, Ramón Torres, Wendell Rijo, Webster Rivas, Jonathan Aro or César Valdez will appear in this first window.

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