A statement from Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is going quite viral on social media. After which different reactions from people also began to arrive. Some speak in favor of it and others against it. Actually, Ranveer recently participated in an ongoing debate between Bollywood and South Films. In which he gave reactions while participating in a debate. During this, the debate started with Kichha Sudeep’s statement on the Hindi language and then disagreed with Ajay Devgan’s statement. After which a debate broke out between Bollywood and South Industry. In reaction to this, Ranveer said that Indian cinema is one.

At the same time, Ranveer said in an interview about this debate that I’m just an artist and I don’t have much understanding of the movie business. Because I am neither a producer nor a trader. I am an artist who knows how to show my work in the best way in front of the camera and for that I am paid and my understanding is limited only to that. According to me, these films are very good as they are.

At the same time, he talked more about the difference in the basis of language in Indian cinema. Ranveer said I saw Pushpa and RRR but I don’t know their local language. But I was surprised to see these movies and all the actors that worked in them. All I will say is that I only promote the work, which I was able to see in these films. I am proud that so much good work is being done on Southern films. I am proud and this is all my own man, Indian cinema is one.

Speaking of Ranveer Singh’s work front, he will be bringing his next movie, Jayeshbhai, soon. In which his gaze is seen in a different way. Currently, this film based on the dramatic comedy will hit the big screen on May 13.


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