Why print more Modi photos? Students protest

According to media reports, the main reason for the controversy is seven photographs of the Indian prime minister in the University Gazette, while there are only three photographs of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, the founder of the university. The protesting students say that the founder of the university Sir Syed Ahmad Khan is being insulted, the administration of the university is doing this for the fulfillment of their personal interests, the students referred to this newsletter as an advertisement rather than an academic one.

According to media reports, the students also accused the Urdu section of ignoring the Urdu section in the Gazette. In this case, the students wrote a letter to the university administration and recorded the protest.

The university administration denied the allegations, saying that the special bulletin issued on the centennial celebrations of the Muslim University of Aligarh contained photographs of Indian Prime Minister Modi because he had attended the centennial celebrations online. The newsletter also includes memorable photos of other guests. Professor Shafi Qadwai has said that the special gazette contains articles by the intellectuals of the country and the world along with their photographs.

Former Vice President of Aligarh Muslim University Hamza Sufyan says that the gazette published by the university seems to him less of the university and more of the official gazette. Ignoring the perpetrators in the Gazette, he said that the photo of the Prime Minister should have appeared in the Gazette no more than Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, adding that the Vice Chancellor of the University is licking the government plants by doing all of this.

Huzaifa, secretary of the Aligarh Muslim University Students Union, said she hoped the newsletter would report on the achievements of the university and the people who contributed to its construction, but it is a pity that the bulletin of the university’s centennial celebrations has been made the BJP spokesman.

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