Why place the monitor vertically or horizontally when it could be more practical diagonally?

In the computing world, users are often torn between two main positions for their monitors: horizontal or vertical. However, there is a third option that defies these conventions: diagonal placement.

A Melbourne-based Linux developer, xssfox, dissatisfied with the extreme possibilities offered by the unwritten rules of horizontal or vertical mode, is pioneering diagonal mode computation.

Your ideal angle? An astonishing 22 degrees, she says, the perfect rotation for software development.

Xssfox decided to use its adjustable stand along with Linux’s xrandr tool to determine the ultimate screen rotation angle for software development purposes.

Xssfox has developed a consistent method for evaluating different screen rotations, from the traditional landscape and portrait modes to more extreme angles like the slightly slanted 1 degree or the indecisive 45 degrees. However, none provided convincing results, so the search for the perfect solution had to continue.


Finally, It seems that a 22° turn to the left was the key for xssfox. This rotation provided the best workspace on what appeared to be a Dell monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio. “I think this is the best monitor orientation for software development.”the developer commented. “It offers the longest rows and you no longer have to worry about the annoying 80 column limit.”

If you have a monitor with the same aspect ratio, the 22-degree angle might work well for you. However, those who have unconventional monitor rotation requirements can use xssfox’s Javascript calculator to generate the xrandr command according to their preferences.

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Importantly, Windows users with AMD and Nvidia drivers can currently only apply screen rotations in 90-degree increments. Apparently macOS users are subject to the same restrictions.

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