Why Mask Exemption Certificate? The doctor was sentenced to imprisonment

Berlin: A woman doctor in Germany has been jailed for three years by a court for issuing mask exemption certificates.

According to foreign media, a German female doctor was sentenced to 2 years and 9 months in prison on Monday for illegally giving more than 4,000 people certificates of exemption from wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic. was

AP News According to a regional court in the southwestern town of Weinheim, the doctor was found guilty of issuing ‘false certificates’ to people across Germany, most of whom had never even met the female doctor. If the inspection was not done, it is a distant thing.

In addition to the prison sentence, the female doctor has also been banned from working for three years. has also been fined 2700 euros.

The court remarked that the female doctor did not perform her professional duty but sold the certificates.During the trial, the doctor argued that wearing a mask was harmful to people’s health.

The doctor’s lawyer said he would appeal the verdict, while dozens of the doctor’s supporters gathered outside the court to protest the verdict and Germany’s pandemic restrictions.

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