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Why users can no longer read their emails

Do you have a email address, and since the end of April, you can no longer access your mailbox if you are not connected from your computer? The reason is simple and logical, details : This service has been disabled. Whether from an email software or another application, you will probably encounter this message if you try to connect: “For security reasons, the POP and IMAP protocols are temporarily closed. Your email remains accessible from this page or by the mobile application”.

The user is therefore sent to a link on the official La Poste website. It is therefore impossible to consult your mail via the Apple Mail application, Windows Mail or even Thunderbird, explain our colleagues. Invited to react on this specific problem, La Poste responded to . It specifies that the “security of user data is the priority of the teams.” A decision that was taken following “detection of abnormal behavior in attempts to access email accounts”. It was the surveillance services that discovered these hacking attempts.

Suspended until further notice

La Poste indicates that the web hackers attempted to use a “list of passwords and associated emails via a data set found on the internet.” Until further notice, access by other platforms, other than the official site, is therefore suspended, while the teams restore “access via the secure POP / IMAP protocol for users.”

La Poste therefore wants to offer secure messaging, while it claims a quick and simple “intuitive” interface, describes it. Users also have a dedicated space of 5 GB and cannot send more than 20 MB of attachments. La Poste recommends that its customers use “strong” passwords to avoid any problems. She also says she is working “more on the security of connections to messaging.”


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